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As a licensed Naturopathic Physician, my goal is to help you be well mentally and physically using natural modalities when I can.  Since 2016, I’ve worked with patients to help them feel their best. I work with you to find easy changes that can change your life in a positive way. I am also a Health at Every Size informed provider (HAES), and very proud of it! Get in touch to learn how I can help you be well.



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I'm excited to work with you! Wellness takes WORK, but it's always worth it. If you're ready to be well, let's chat! I'm also available to consult with you anywhere in the US! Check out my FAQ's to see if we are a good fit!



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Dr. Salisbury is an extremely compassionate doctor. She listened to my needs and together we figured out how to work on my anxiety. I feel so much better under her care!


Dr. Salisbury is so easy to talk to and very understanding. She was able to find homeopathic remedies for me and my family very rapidly, which had immediate positive results.


Would definitely recommend Dr. Salisbury to anyone. I love that she takes the time to listen to my concerns. I have heavy periods and we've been working on them and they have gotten better! No other doctor could help but she did!


Dr. Salisbury is great! She offered me many treatment options for my depression and anxiety. She is great at acupuncture and helped me feel better quickly! I love her!




5510 West Chandler Boulevard, Suite 3 Chandler, Arizona 85226, United States

(480) 219-9900

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